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Very Organized

Our Solutions are Enabled End to End Automation
and Effortless Processes

Your Customer Experience

By adopting our efficient systems you get improved In house
Operations and therefore Customer Satisfaction

High Productive

Our well turned pioneering technology backbone implements
automation and hence you save Time, Effort and gain Revenue.

About Daasmya Informatics

Daasmya Informatics

The software house business has grown from a largely existing industry to a multi-billion-dollar industry, and it's essential, especially since software is the foundation of modern gadgets and devices. Today, our personal lives, work and businesses are increasingly digitized, networked and automated. IoT is one of the major emerging technology trends these days and is evolving rapidly. However, other relevant essentials such as system and data security and data protection are also very important at this stage.

Daasmya Informatics is an Indian software development and integration company focused on business process automation in the hospitality industry. This organization and solutions were devised by a group of like-minded people with over 100 years of total experience in business and technology. We also provide hospitality IT consulting and professional services for our products and selected projects.









We Recognise Your Needs

Be it your operational Challenges

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Hospitality Business System Consultancy

Leverage our hospitality systems expertise for any IT systems implementation or improvement project. Our breadth and depth of experience can help you identify and implement the solution your business needs.

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Product Development, Rebranding & OEM Service

In addition to our own solutions, we also develop customer-specific software applications or rebrand our existing solutions and their technical services based on customer requirements.

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Professional Services

Our key proposition is to offer professional services on our solutions to our customers. However, we extend our supporting hands to other information systems as well in the world market that are proficient by us.

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Well suited modern & scalable deployment architecture

End to end Automation on Front & Back Office processes

Time, Effort & Cost

Environment-friendly, less carbon footprint & gogreen implemented

Efficient data analysis and information reporting

Better Insights on Planning and Operations Management

Centralized Data Management ready for Big Data processes

Secured data access and user activity tracking

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Blog for News

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AI and automation trends

AI and automation trends

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