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Our Digital Innovations Empower Your Day to Day Business Operations and Enhance the Customer Experience

Our objective is to offer cutting-edge smart business cloud solutions to the hospitality sector with an affordable value that acceptable by worldwide businesses. We undertake projects for 1) Hotels, 2) Motels, 3) Restaurants, 4) Travel & Tourism, 5) Airline, 6) Vehicle Rentals & Garages, 7) Healthcare, 8) Stadiums, 9) Smart Cities and any businesses where the customer service and hospitality is key element and automation required. Please browse through our SOLUTIONS and SERVICES section or contact us for more information on what we offer to different hospitality business verticals.

Scalable Architecture

All our solutions are designed and developed for hosting on a well suited modern and scalable deployment architecture such as cloud or virtualized environments.

Process Automation

Our key focus is to considerably minimize or nullify your routine operational efforts by creating a common service bus to which all your business systems are connected.


It would be amazed to see how much you save on Time, Effort and Cost through our KPI dashboard when you adopt our automation and digitization system for your daily operations.


Our efficient systems boost your team’s efficiency by systematic procedural steps. Our state-of-the-art self and assisted service modules are accomplished to conquer the same.

Centralized Hosting

The amazing fact is that with one instance of our application services you can run all your business branches. Our central dashboard will get you a complete performance statistics.

Eco Friendly

Our environment friendly digital solutions promote reduced carbon footprint and go green initiatives. All hardcopy print actions are replaced with digitally store and send schedules.

Better Insights

System dashboard and reporting modules can give a better Insights on planning and operations management. We offer more custom info tales based on customer inputs.

Secured & Protected

We never compromise with your information security and data privacy and hence we have prudently comprised all necessary respective compliances in our software applications and devices.

We are Masters in Hospitality Systems

The software house business has fully-fledged in the space of an almost on-existent industry to a multibillion dollar industry but an essential one, especially as software form the basis of modern gadgets and devices. Nowadays personal lives, jobs, economies are becoming more into digitized, connected and automated. IoT is one of the great emerging tech trends recently and budding rapidly. However, the other connected imperative elements such as system and data security and privacy are also be very decisive at this stage.

DAASMYA INFORMATICS is a start-up venture in software development and integration mainly on hospitality business process automation originated from India. The organization and solutions are conceptualized by few likeminded people those are having an experience of more than 35+ years in the business and technology domains. We are also offering hospitality IT consultancy and professional services on our products or selected projects.

What we do

Hospitality Business Systems Consultancy

You can leverage our expertise in hospitality systems domain for any of your IT systems implementation or enhancement projects.

Product Development

Other than our legacy systems we also undertake custom software application development and its technical services based on the customer desires. You can contact us to any of our below contact details.

Professional Services

Our key proposition is to offer professional services on our solutions to our customers. However, we extend our supporting hands on other information systems as well in the world market that proficient by us.

Latest News




Daasmya Informatics now online

Daasmya Informatics has launched their first online expression today 21st of December 2019. A more affluent and informative version of website will be releasing by mid of 2020.




We are officially starting on 1st Feb 2020

Daasmya Informatics is going to be operational from 1st February 2020.

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